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Back in my grammar school class we were told that under communism people do not own their own homes. The same my be true under the Springfield City Council. They care about corporate real estate interests while they support state and national candidates who have exported jobs from the United States.

The harsh reality is that they, and many of the opponents are more interested in building their careers in the Democratic Party than they are in making something work.



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Personal Information

I was born in Springfield May 13, 1949 but grew up in Suffield, Ct, which was then much more rural. I hold a B.A. from Central Connecticut State College ( Now a university ), I also attended Springfield Technical Community College and the Hartford Graduate Center. By profession I am a computer programmer/analyst working with retailing, inventory and manufacturing systems, and a part time web master. I also do some translating.

I am old enough to remember a time before we had intrusive government ( at the time we thought it was intrusive ). One just picked up his box of shotgun shells and took them to the cashier, and it worked for the most part.

Organizations I belong to are:

Société de Généalogie de Québec

Aldrich Assocation

Chicopee Sportsman’s Club

United Professionals

Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership

I am a member of a Methodist Church, but God has not told me to bomb Iraq

(Bush said he was a Methodist )

In the past I have belonged to:

United Auto Workers

American Federation of State County and Municipal Employees 

Gun Owners Action League

( I dropped it because they will only help Republicrats)

National Rifle Association

( which I have dropped because they will only help Republicans )

Some hobbies are hunting, wood working, and reading news and history. I tend to read international news in publications from France, Spain, and Canada. So I got to read about Bush and the Saudi-Al Qeda Connection about 3 years before Moore’s “Fahrenheit 911.”

I also have read about similar problems in other countries that are somewhat similar to the ones we have in Massachusetts.

Political Biography

At age 21 I became a Democrat. They were the part of the working class who stood against the Republican party, which by and large served the interests of the millionaire class, old money. But then I saw Southern Democrats voting along with Republicans. Where people were poor their police had the latest equipment to prevent Americans from voting.

Then in the North, state governments shifted from funding education to increased regulation for the sake of regulation. Most of the Democratic Leadership did little to improve our lives. They have given out a few crumbs to get themselves reelected, but unemployment increased. Taxes increased. What was even worse, government, unlike business, does not have any obligation to deliver anything for the money that it takes. And it was doing a good job of it. It took our money, expanded patronage jobs, jails, courts, police, added more laws, and we got higher crime, higher illiteracy, and more government control. How much money do we want to spend to tell someone not to smoke cigarettes? How much money do we want to spend to tell people not to take dangerous drugs? Even in jails there have been cases of drug usage.

So, I have had it. I became a Libertarian. The harsh reality is my Democratic Precinct Captain was the cause of an expensive war on drugs that did not work, the deterioration of the school system, wars that I did not want ( Most of the terrorists had connections to Pakistan and Saudi Arabia, not Iraq),  

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