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The Democrats in Government Today


As a former Democrat I can say that the Democrats of today are nothing like Franklin Delano Roosevelt.


Franklin Delano Roosevelt is my favorite President. His solutions to problems were not perfect. But neither is a mass migration of poor people starving and without jobs. I am no so sure that he ever intended his programs to be anything but a temporary solution to help people while long term solutions were implemented.


He faced a great economic crisis, and then a foreign policy crisis. According to General Butler he also faced a crisis at home from people who wanted to maintain a terrible status quo. But he did try to solve the crisis. He did not just watch jobs fly away and homes get foreclosed, and neither will I.



FDR inherited a terrible economic environment. The modern day Democrats have joined with the Republicans to create an economic crisis in the form of free trade agreements. The Democrats, including those on the City Council attempt to please business and International bankers by ‘out Republicaning ’ the Republicans . Some have even changed parties, an easy thing to do since they are so much alike.


When FDR was president Japan, an industrialized country was able to attack Pearl Harbor. Under the present Democratic and Republican Leadership people just out of the stone age were able to steal 4 planes, wreck major buildings, and kill 3000 people within the United States.


The Democrats have joined with the Republicans in the de-industrialization of the United States. Look at the closed factories and vacant lots. The designation of Democrat and Republican is merely a gang label to determine which group gets the spoils, licenses, civil service jobs etc.


When you vote for one of them, you are voting to ship your job to China, and to pay taxes to subsidize someone who will take your job.




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No City Councilor can save the world. But I would be a loud voice demanding more from the state and the federal government. Since I am not a Democrat or Republican I can well afford to offend people in those parties if I do not get what I want, namely relief for working people.


Besides losing jobs thanks to the friends of the city councilors at the state and national level, they got a tax increase, increases in various fees etc. etc.

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