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The Library is usually the first to get cut during a budget crisis. Our local Legislative delegation ( Republicrats ) as well as the City Council ( more Republicrats ) are interested in pleasing the party bureaucracy and international bankers more than they are interested in providing us with a public library, one of the cheapest forms of education. Republicrats prefer unarmed and uneducated peasants.


The library is open as often as it is through the efforts of former Mayor Ryan. The present mayor and City Council can be described as enemies of the public library system. They sat in silent assent while Albano decimated the public library. The local legislative delegation cares about police and teachers because they are supported by those unions, which also support the exportation of your job to a cheap labor country.


Once Again Dominick Sarno has attacked the public library system. Though it is a very small part of the budget, it is taking a disport ionate share of the budget cuts. As a city councilor Dominic Sarno assisted former mayor Albano in decimating Springfield’s Library System. And now history is about to repeat itself as once again we are reduced to barbarian culture in return for “safety” which will never happen under the present city government.   Usually attacks on the Library system are led by the mayor ( except Charles Ryan ) with the assent of the city council.


Scholars were not attracted to the City of London because of its police department. Alexandria Egypt was famous for its library, not its police department. The Library is being decimated in favor of high paying administrative positions and patronage jobs in law enforcement.


I am a supporter of a good public library system. I give libraries a very high priority. The hours should be expanded. As one person said,”nothing is free, but the public library comes close.”


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