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The people finally have spoken and made possession of relatively small amounts of marijuana a civil offence comparable to a parking ticket. The complaining about poorly written laws and lack of procedures has already begun.


Proposed Marijuana Ordinance



































1.       Police Commissioner Fitchet it would seem has his hands full of incidents that have a victim. He may want increased fines for smoking marijuana, but the voters have just said they think it is a minor problem, if it is a problem at all.

2.       The City Council has many ties to the court house in the form of lawyers, judges, probation officers, etc. all of whom stand to make money from an increase in fines for smoking marijuana.

3.       People Smoking marijuana would be given a citation and fined by the court.

4.       The court would then given them an exorbitant fine

5.       The public defender and the prosecutor would agree on the fine, they are both taking care of their own careers, not the defendant.

6.       The defendant would then not be able to pay the increased fine

7.       The defendant would go back to court for nonpayment of the finde.

8.       The defendant would be sent to jail

9.       The probation officer would collect fees

10.     The defendant could stay out of jail as long as the probation officer was paid. Since there are no jobs he would probably have to sell dugs to pay the probation officer.

11.     The taxpayer would pay everyone even through marijuana is no longer a crime.





The underlying thought resulting in passage of the referendum is that people want to be protected from real crime by real criminals so now police have no excuse to be “busy” with marijuana arrests.


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