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By and large the city councilors belong to the two major parties which support the exportation of jobs from Springfield and the United States. All they do about it is to find ways to tax the unemployed. Just every economic group supports them, including organized labor.









Funding Patronage













Crime is being used to lower the budget of everything but police, where the more lucrative patronage jobs are. Public events must hire police. The police presence in the schools comes out of the school budget. So for every cop you see in the school that is one less teacher, fewer books etc. etc.


We have seen an increase in fees and the paying of trash fees, which is another tax


I would demand that our legislative delegation pass laws protecting the right of self defense. I would also demand that the state take on more responsibility for policing the city, since it is the legislature that has created the revolving door problem in crime. We also need to get criminals out of the school department and into the sheriff’s department where they belong.


The people of Springfield cannot afford to pay for the state’s revolving door system of criminal justice,


I would eliminate the trash fee. I would stop the budget reductions in education, including the library. We need to become a city of culture, industry, and education, not a third world city of poverty and police.



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