Most voting reform plans call for public financing of elections. Most have reimbursement after the money is spent. The problems is if you do not qualify for the money, you are being taxed to support another candidate’s campaign.

The problems facing a candidate are :

Excessive Signature Requirements

access to the media

the “wasted vote “ belief where people for the lesser of two evils because they fear that if they vote for a non-duopoly party someone worse may.

No plan put forth by the Republicrats addresses these problems. Electoral reform laws are made to keep them in power.

Their favorite is excessive signature requirements to avoid crowding the ballot.

Nomination forms are the most labor intensive part of the process. They must be manually verfied, yet they will not give up this feature. The ballots are counted by machine.

Excessive restrictions to having a candidate on the ballot are just as much a violation of a person’s rights as not allowing them to vote.


Libertarian Solutions of Robert Underwood








States should be prohibited from requiring more than 50 signatures on a nomination form to run for public office.

I would favor “Instant Runoff Voting”. The voter would number the candidates by preference. The least popular candidate in each cycle would have his votes redistributed until someone gets more than 50%. It worked in Burlington Vermont, and there is no reason why it cannot work every where else. Computers can do this very easily, and the paper ballots could be checked manually.

These proposals would not cost anything that we are not spending already.

There would be fewer signatures to manually process.

We program computers to count votes anyway.


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