Several policies of the Republicans and Democrats have helped to create fuel prices with are destroying the personal economy of the citizenry as well as that of the Nation, effectively transferring money from most people to a few people.

The War in Iraq is using fuel. Nothing uses fuel like a war. Fuel gets used and destroyed.

The government of the United States has been acting hostile toward Venezuela, an oil producing country. Mexico has cut back production, on oil.

Other oil producing countries have not been treated as friendly countries.

The use of the Wind for producing electricity has not progresses, nor has solar energy.

The use of alcohol has been sabotaged. There are many different type of alcohol, but the government insists on using ethanol, the one made from food.






All of this has the effect of making sure that we are dependent on the Saudis, the financiers of Wahabist Islam, the driving force behind that attack on the United States.  














Libertarian Solutions of Robert Underwood





Become a better neighbor with the other countries in America. There was no need to become hostile with Venezuela. They have oil and they want to sell it, and we need it. While they may have disagreements with our government, they are not funding suicide bombers, nor advocating killing us all as infidels, as the Moslem freinds of the Republicans and Democrats are doing.

If we pay a fair price for goods from Latin America which we cannot produce ourselves it will provide good jobs there and they will prefer to stay where they are, thus solving our immigration problem as well.

We need to conduct much more research on other sources of renewable energy. The cost of this stupid war would pay for this. Once we develop other forms of energy we will not need the Arabian oil, nor the people living over it, thus saving ourselves a lot of trouble.

Some electricity can be generated with wind and solar power with no effect on the air. As I write the sun is shining and the wind is blowing, all we have to do is use it.

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