Iraq is an administrative district created by the British after World War I, it is not a country created by so called Iraqis, who are really a collection of tribes.

Saddam Hussein established a secular state. He actually made war on Ayatolla Kohmeni, a militant religious Moslem leader of Iran. So Bush used American lives and money to overthrow an enemy of Wahabist Islam ( The people who want to kill all of the non-Moslem infidels, and suppled the 12 hijackers on 9-11). The end result was that the militant Moslems sympathetic to Bin Ladin are more powerful today that they ever have been.

History will probably see Bush as being a foreign policy dunce in light of this. But the Senate is charged with foreign policy also. One would have to be pretty dumb to vote to enable the president to carry out such a policy.

The realistic thing to do is to help mediate an orderly partition of Iraq, without using the US miliary. The Bush administration, with Democratic help, is wasting American lives to impose its own childish ignorant concept of American Democracy on people who do not want it.


A vote for the major parties is a vote for the war.



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I would not vote to fund this illegal war. I would not vote to fund the military asa long as troops were in Iraq.


I would vote to impeach any president who made war without a declaration of war by Congress.


In light of the cowardly failure of most of Congress to assert its war making authority I would look for other options to make life miserable for any president and his party who was conducting an illegal war.


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