Health Care

The United States is the only industrialized country with large numbers of people who cannot pay medical bills. People who live in countries which lost World War II have to worry less about medical bills than Americans.


The isolation method does not work in health care. Plagues start in China and spread around the world. Most of the victims of the black plague never thought about health care in China.


The poor and untreated become susceptible to illness that once started spreads to everyone. There are many theorists with ideas as to why we do not need a national health plan. In science the only theory that matters is the one that is correct.


A well funded program of propaganda on the part of advocates of the status quo has given Americans an unrealistically bad impression of the health systems of Canada, France, the United Kingdom, and Germany. In the case of Canada the propaganda machine contradicts my personal observations.


Health care is very regulated. Over the counter items in near by Canada that can be purchased for $5 Canadian Dollars are a prescription item in the US, costing hundreds of dollars.


Prices of everything have risen to the level of funding by insurance. Leaving those with no health insurance or poor insurance unable to purchase service. No one could afford to pay for a serious illness. Without insurance, public or private, most hospitals would have to close.


We are not training enough doctors, nurses, and other type of medical people. The training needs to be made more accessible to Americans. It would be no more costly than the perpetual state of war advocated by the two major parties.


We have some alternative medicines including marijuana, and a few other things. I do not know if they work or not, I am just glad that I do not need them. The only people who know whether or not they work are the people in desperate straights who take them. For those who think they are geniuses and know better I can say that people die in hospitals also. People should be free to seek whatever treatment they think might help.


Health Insurance is tied to your employer. If you get sick in between jobs you may not be covered. Your employer, if you have one, gets a tax break on the premiums, you do not.

But large numbers of people without health care is a crisis, and it needs to be solved.


People who do not have insurance bet on not getting sick. We pay for the fire department even if our house does not catch fire. While people may complain about paying for health care their opinion changes when their child becomes ill or dies.


The same people who do not support some form of government assisted health care also support unfettered immigration because they know that it will break any health care system.

Libertarian Solutions of Robert Underwood





Deregulate more items, get them off the prescription list, similar to what the Canadians are doing.


Use money for research rather than regulation. Right now research is funded by billing sick people. Research is probably one area where the Federal Government can serve a good purpose, avoiding duplicate effort.


Find ways to encourage the training of Doctors and lesser medical professionals. This is no more expensive than training and equipping soldiers to protect corporate interests.

We can slash the funding to high-overhead institutions. Titles and trusteeships are nice, but I want to pay for training more medical professionals who will help people.


Work with other countries in the research and health care delivery methods. It is in everyone’s national interest to prevent epidemics.


We are going to have to get the people without health car covered. The above mentioned reforms will make it cheaper.

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