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The economy is in serious condition, mostly because the major parties made it that way. Anyone who has looked for job believes that the real unemployment rate is more than the official unemployment rate.


Author Barbara Ehrenreich estimates the unemployment rate to be 30%, she includes under employment, people working part time who would work full time etc.


We have graduates from schools who cannot find a job while employers say they “cannot find anyone.” We have all seen the want ads with criteria that no one would have. The company then goes to their friendly Republicrat Congressman to demand foreign workers, whose main qualification is that they get paid less. Americans are only good enough for cannon fodder to protect run-way American industry.


Thanks to free trade agreements with cheap labor countries goods can be imported into the United States and sold cheaper than U.S. Made goods. The Corporate response is “the consumer demands it.” I have yet to hear a veteran of World War II demanding that his car be made in Japan. We have a handful of retailers and unless you want to go naked you are going to buy what they have in their stores.


The Party line of improving consumer spending will not help the economy of the countries the products are manufactured in, and that is not the Unites States. Once again Americans will be relegated to cheap low skill jobs.


                  Libertarian Solution of Robert Underwood











Slash Foreign Aid. We get nothing for it anyway.


Only allow imports from countries that independent unions and collective bargaining rights.


We need some exchange of technical, scientific, language, and cultural knowledge that can only be achieved by an equitable exchange of guest workers, but this amount would have negligible effect on the work force. But the massive replacement of Americans must stop.


Abolish the expensive “War on Drugs,” which is accomplishing nothing anyway.


Bring all troops home. We are expending our wealth keeping troops abroad. After seeing what it did to the British, it is just plain stupid to repeat their error.


We need to make it easier for Americans to acquire skills. The overhead in higher education is simply too much and it making higher education not affordable for many people. At every graduation ceremony we can see various titled people collecting a salary and making the training expensive. We need to authorize for no-frills schools that are in the business of education.


One of the first tasks of the “brain trust” would be to get us off petroleum dependency.


In anticipation of those who say it cannot be done. If we have a 30% unemployment rate there is no reason why many of this number cannot be trained to become tomorrow’s doctors and scientists. The harsh reality is that the losers of World War II have a shorter work week, national health care, and they think we are dumb to put up with what we have.


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