Random House has decided to not publish the “Jewel of Medina” by author Sherry Jones. The book is about the younger wife of the prophet Mohamed. Violence was feared if the book were to be published.

In other countries there has been violence when articles were published that offended “Moslem Sensibilities.” Other publishers have deferred to “Moslem Sensibilities.”

My opponents from “Brand X” have no problem with foreigners and friends of Bush deciding what Americans may read and write. Have they said anything? No of course not, they simply allow it to happen. All of this while they allow American soldiers to die supposedly to protect our freedom. In reality they are dying for those who would impose a dictatorial theocracy on us if they could. To some extent they have.

Libertarian Solutions of Robert Underwood

First let me invite all those who moved to the United States and are against the Bill of Rights, to leave voluntarily. You came to the wrong country. I extend the same invitation to those who would use violence against others to limit freedom of Speech. To those who were born here and are against the Bill of Rights, I might suggest immigration to one of many dictatorships that exist on this earth.

So-called American companies who have agreed to change their publications in response to pressure from foreign peoples or governments should be required to publically divulge such agreements to the American people. They should also be treated as foreign owned companies. They should also be treated as foreign agents where they are doing things in obedience to foreign governments.

We have United States companies that are helping foreign governments censor the internet, as well as censor publications. Because of fixed costs involved it is easier to give Americans the same censored product as the police state countries, without divulging that fact.

There was no point in waging a rebellion against Great Britain if we are going to allow even worse governments to censor our media.

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