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Christians Fleeing Mosul


The Mortgage Bailout

Christians Fleeing Mosul

Christians are now fleeing for their lives from some parts of Iraq. For centuries Iraq has had Christian and Jewish minority groups. Under the Republicrat installed shiite government of Iraq they are now in danger of being exterminated.

My opponents have said nothing about it. This is what we get from a government that has spent millions of dollars and thousands of American lives, Christians fleeing in terror. What kind of an idiot could conduct such a foreign policy?

The answer is my opponents could, and in one case did conduct such a foreign policy.

The Mortgage Bailout

The Bailout has yet to be finalized, but one group that will lose is the American worker, and those Americans who wish they were working and are struggling with their own mortgage and rental payments. While they are barraged with stories about how they must be competitive, they will pay for their own housing ( hopefully ) , and someone else’s.

Keep in mind that the Donkey-Elephant dance was to bail out the banks, not to help the average American. Columnists are reporting that in some areas mortgage companies were advertising that in some places that applicants for mortgages did not need tax forms as evidence of income nor citizenship papers. Compare that with the grilling that most of us got when we applied for a mortgage. The officials involved were connected to politicians and received hundreds of thousands of dollars, and in some case millions in salaries. They did not need to be careful, the government would bail them out.

Some people are making the person who just wanted a place to live to be the villain. For years banks and borrowers have been betting on inflation. Your mortgage payment would get easier in time as inflation drove up prices and salaries. So the banks devised variable rate mortgages , where the rate would increase over time. This was a problem, the mortgage would not get easier to pay off over time. But what made it a crisis was the epidemic of outsourcing that made salaries level, and in many cases ending through layoffs. It was a ticking time bomb. Borrowers found themselves unable to pay off the mortgage.

Under the bailout system people who are told they do not qualify for a mortgage to buy their own home will be taxed to buy a home for someone else, while the executives keep their mansions. A bailout will just encourage more of the same.

The mortgage crisis is part of a big picture discussed at



Now that someone has shown him where Georgia is Republicrat President Bush has said that Russia will have consequences for their “disproportionate” measures against Georgia.

Georgia has 2000 troops in Iraq. They were most likely given Unites States Hardware with the intent of using it against Russia, being emboldened by having a Big Brother.

Georgia has produced several leaders of Russia, Kerensky, Lenin, and Stalin. Stalin in one tirade asked ,”Georgians!!,Why am I always surrounded by Georgians”? Historically Russia has always protected Georgia from the Moslems, at substantial cost.

So where is our national interest? Do we really want to have an argument with Russia just so that Georgia can keep a province that does not want to be part of Georgia? I do not.

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