9-11 and Terrorism

I am often asked what the Libertarian position is on the attack on 9-11, terrorism, and the war in Iraq. Had Libertarians been in power there never would have been a 9-11. Acting on already known intelligence the flight crews, and perhaps some of the passengers would have been armed. Maybe some passengers would have been killed, the terrorists certainly would have been killed. We would not have lost 3,000 people, 4 air craft, and several large buildings to terrorists in a matter of hours.

Keep in mind several things.

The CIA and FBI had been tailing some of the terrorists for years

Many flight crews are also in the Air Force Reserves and already can use pistols. Some have privately owned firearms.

Only idiots, such as the incumbents would think that it should cost $40,000 to train someone to hit a target 2 meters away.

While Congress has been obedient to President Bush and passed legislation that he requested. They ignore the fact that the terrorists were allowed into the country legally. They ignore the fact that a plane load of Saudis were allowed to leave the United States that day, while all other planes were grounded.

After the planes were grounded no one scrutinized the passengers to find other teams of terrorists, everyone was allowed to walk away. Yet the Republicrats ( Democrats and Republicans ) never questioned this, and just voted for additional laws.

Had there not been a 9-11, there would not have been the opportunity to contrive a reason to attack Iraq with the resulting expense and casualties.

The Republicrats and the media have ridiculed the idea of arming the pilots. It is almost as through hey do not want to prevent another hijacking. Laws passed by Republicrats ensured that the only armed group on the planes were the terrorists.


Republicrat System of National Security







Flight schools reported suspicious behavior on the part of some Saudi flight students, they were not interested in learning to land. Republicrats took no action.

Some FBI agents (“Fatal Neglect” by Judcial Watch) spent ten years shadowing terrorists. They never bothered to learn Arabic. But the President is tells us that the FBI needs more authority to spy on people.

Congress simply obeys the president.  




              Republicrat Anti-terrorist program                       








So what happened to Bin Ladin? Not much. The effort has shifted to the costly war in Iraq. But Iraq was never a militant Moslem state. It was just the opposite. Saddam Hussein was always fearful of militant Islam. The Senate never raised this point, they just voted to send Americans into battle.






I would most certainly not vote to fund the war in Iraq. I would also seek to impeach the president for waging an undeclared war. The Constitution only authorizes Congress to declare war, no one else.

I would bring most troops home from around the world. We are still paying to have the army in Germany and Korea.


I would not use the army to help dictatorships.

An elite team is needed to get Bin Ladin and his operatives. I would encourage this. I would also look for ways to get the United States off of dependence of oil imports.

I would look for ways to punish the House of Saud for their support of Wahabist Islam, which provided the hijackers as well as other terrorists. I would only support tactics that would be costly to the Wahabists, not the American people.

We need some security at our ports. But we do not need a vast security apparatus to spy on and monitor the citizenry. The reality is that only the citizenry can stop a terrorist. Police will never be in the right place at the right time.

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