Standing for the Average American
Robert Underwood For State  Representative
Ninth Hampden District   2012
Robert Underwood
83 Cherrelyn St.
Springfield, MA 01104

Two crimes were committed by people  living in motels, having been placed there  by the state. In one case a child was killed. In another  a man tried to sell a baby for drugs. The Mayors of West Springfield and Chicopee both said that  motels should not be used to house the homeless.  The chiefs of police in those towns  thought that homeless people  in motels were a problem.


Not everyone in a welfare motel has killed anyone, and most have never tried to sell a baby. But that did not stop the mayors  nor the chiefs of police from saying it was  a problem, and they did not want it in their town. Nor did they offer an alternative plan.


The Mayors  of West Springfield and Chicopee have  something in common. They both belong to  political parties which have exported jobs from the United States and causing the unemployment and homelessness.  The alternative of the motel is the street.  


The motels were build for travelers. But since the major parties to which Bissonette and Sullivan belong wrecked the economy, there are none.  So thanks to  the politicians the motel owner’s major business is contracting the the state to house people who have lost their jobs and would  rather be somewhere else.   Bot of course Bissonette and Sullivan  would never criticize the legislature nor Congress because it is not nice.  


The person who tried to sell the baby  has an  criminal record. He, and others, are free because of the total incompetence of the legislature  in dealing with repeat serious offenders.   Neither the mayors nor the chiefs of police  will mention that because it is their party that did it.  


Program of Robert Underwood

First of all we  need to keep serious offenders in jail.  They only commit other crimes when they get out.   We can only do that my replacing the incumbents in the legislature who have already demonstrated their inability to  make anything work.


We need to prevent people from becoming homeless.  People are losing their jobs thank to  the major parties. Banks get bailed out but people do not.   Foreclosures and evictions need to be stopped for modestly priced houses.  


Renters who have  lost their jobs also  need help. It  is cheaper to help them stay in their apartment than it is to put them in a motel.


I would also be aloud  voice to  encourage the Massachusetts  congressional delegation to start representing working people instead of international bankers and get Massachusetts back to work in industry and research instead of court houses  for a few well connected  parasites.



Motels  for recipients of Public Welfare
Robert Underwood
State Representative
Ninth Hampden District

because I am the only on running that  has the interests of working class America at heart