Standing for the Average American
Robert Underwood For State  Representative
Ninth Hampden District   2012
Robert Underwood
83 Cherrelyn St.
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The Failure of  the War on Drugs
The Problem:
The war on drugs  has failed to stem the flow of drugs.  Making it illegal  has merely increased the value of the drugs. In  the case of  marijuana  it is a weed which commonly grows in some areas.  It also has some useful purposes, such as  cloth, rope, and alleviating pain for  some illnesses.  

The federal government as well as the legislature as made special grants available to  cities  for the enforcement of anti-drug and anti-marijuana laws.   There are  no grants for the apprehension of burglars, car thieves, murders or rapists.  

The drug cases are also clogging up the courts and the jails  in spaces needed for serious repeat offenders.
Class Warfare
Did someone mention class warfare?  Property owed by relatively small people are being targeted.  Property which is owned  by banks  is not being confiscated.   Could this be because my opponents are  receiving donations from people in the finance industry?  

At this  time  a motel owner  is having his modest motel confiscated  because since 1995 there have been  30 arrests for dugs at his motel, according  to the police who stand to gain money be  making the figures look high.

If drug deals are in large hotels owned by powerful companies  they would be able to fight back easier. So, simply do not look in their motel.  Predators always look for an easy victim
Drug Forfeiture - Policing for Profit
To help “alleviate the cost to the tax payers forfeiture laws have been passed where property can be declared  to have been used in the drug trade and confiscated. Once again,  if  thieves and murderers are apprehended  no one gets  money, other than for the time they spend on the case.

Police arrest someone for using marijuana
Police petition the court to seize the property, though the people arrested may not own the property
The court seizes the property which is then sold
Someone buys the property the money goes to  the police budget,  it is used to fund jails,  courts, etc.  In effect  the money is used to fund patronage jobs.

Back to the Old Ways of Corruption
Colonial Massachusetts already had such a system where the criminals would lose their property.  Those convicted of witch craft lost their property.  Even if they were not convicted  they had to pay the constable for their upkeep in Salem Dungeon.   The cops were in the kidnapping and confiscation business.   My Republicrat opponents like this corrupt system.

Crime at the  State Crime Lab

Presently   the state is in the middle of a scandal  in which tests were altered.  The technician in question was performing 150 tests a month when  most people were performing 50  tests a month.   Was there corruption? Or is the leadership rally that stupid?  Are the legislators who voted to fund it  corrupt? Or are they really that incompetent?   According to the media this has gone on for years.  This helped to drive up the conviction rate.

The District attorneys liked it. It made it look like the war on drugs was successful  People were jailed so that some corrupt politician could look good at election time.  Is this the type of corrupt government that we want?

Of course the prosecutors and the judges will deny all knowledge of what happened and blame the lab technician.   

Those innocently jailed  and the tax payers will pay for it.  People went to jail. They did not get jobs because they had a drug conviction.  Their reputations were ruined.  I presume  that many will file suit for damages against the state, and rightfully so. The worse that will happen to the prosecutors and judges is that  they will go into private practice  and bill their clients for $300 plus per hour.
Solutions of  Robert  Underwood
The federal government is involved in drug forfeiture  procedures, so what a State Representative can do is  limited. But a State Representative Underwood would  have a louder voice than a plain citizen Underwood.   The forfeiture  laws have been abused by State, City, and  National government. They should be abolished.  The process gives the government an economic incentive  to lie.  Vested interests have an  incentive to lie to help enrich their friends.   Someone ends up with the confiscated property.

But the state government can  control what their state and local officials do.  We can demand that  they enforce laws without regard to  a persons wealth.  I would attempt to pass a law whereby any law enforcement officer, Police, District Attorney’s.  Etc.  Who is  targeting  small businesses or  working class people’s property and avoiding  property owned by banks and large companies be removed from office.  If they did it deliberately they would go to jail for 10 years.  

Since it would now be risky to conspire to illegally confiscate property they would have to take property owned by banks.  They would probably not do that.  It may sound harsh, but so is taking someone’s  modest motel that he has worked in all his life.  

Those involved  in the crime lab scandal should be punished more, not only the lab technician.   The judges and prosecutors are getting off to light  simply by not saying what they knew, or be deliberately  being ignorant of what happened.  We have the right to expect more than irnorance from people who are getting $100,000  a year and have spent 6 years in college.    Legally all we can do now is disbar  people and impeach judges.  But it should be done.

We also need to raise the standards for public officials. They should not be allowed to live off the tax payers by being ignorant.

Robert Underwood
State Representative
Ninth Hampden District

because I am the only on running that  has the interests of working class America at heart