Standing for the Average American
Robert Underwood For State  Representative
Ninth Hampden District   2012
Robert Underwood
83 Cherrelyn St.
Springfield, MA 01104
The Stimulus Package
What will it do for Massachusetts?
In the 1930’s when an American received money, he bought something and traded the money to another American.
In Massachusetts the stimulus  money is being used to finance state and local  shortfalls, NOT to stimulate the economy.  Those receiving it produce nothing, and the  money they spend will ultimately be used to buy imported good from cheap labor countries because that is all there is to buy.
It is being done with the support of all politicians from the two major parties, Brand X.

The stimulus package really aids  run-away U.S. Industry by giving their  consumers money to buy the imported goods.
The “Jobless Recovery” is supported by  both  parties and many independents

So, Where will  the unemployment end?

No one else  wants to answer it because the answer is that the United States is being turned into another third world country where the people are getting poorer and  money is spent  on court houses, police,  and jail which produce nothing.


Honestly I am  sick and tired of  politicians turning the United States of American in to a third world country as local politicians kiss the shoes of  National politicians and international bankers  at the expense of the American People.


The stimulus money  should be spent on research  into alternative fuels and health care. It should be spent putting Americans to work at skilled  jobs  and building the equipment necessary to do these jobs,  in  the Untied States and hopefully Massachusetts.  I  would be reemphasizing this in a loud voice. I always have, electing me will make my voice louder.



The Solution

Vote Your Liberty
Robert Underwood
State Representative