The issue of immigration has been confused and misrepresented. Attempts are made to make us feel guilty because all of our ancestors were immigrants. Even the “Native Americans” displaced others, and left no trace of them.


Sadly, many countries are terribly governed. In the days of colonialism how many Indians and Africans did we see in our country? A few. Now that they have their wonderful independence they are literally dying to get out. Spain even as illegal immigrants from Ecuador.


One illegal Ecuadorian in Spain replied,” I would rather be in a Spanish jail than free in Ecuador.”


 Can everyone live in the United States? There are 1.2 Billion Chinese, and about 1 Billion Indians, and millions in Africa and South America who would like to come here. Our schools and social services would be swamped. We would probably become a low-wage third world country.



Where Is Everyone?







Birth Control among the Industrialized countries will have no effect if the impoverished countries continue to increase their popuation. No matter how many we let it in, it will never be enough.

One letter write to BBC said’‘Immigration is not the problem, mass immigration is the problem’‘.










































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American People have Few Organizations








The cheap labor lobby wants unfettered immigration to lower wages and the standard of living in the United States. Democrats wand unfettered immigration. Republicans simply will not enforce immigration laws.

The immigrants will not end up in Hyanis or Martha’s Vinyard.

Working class and unemployed Americans will pay in the form of higher taxes and lower wages.

Propaganda is the immigrants do only jobs that Americans do not want. The same argument was made in favor of slavery. Do you know anyone who does not want to work in construction?   






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                                     I myself am a mostly third generation American. When my ancestors came here the only public service was really the public school system. In the case of my Yankee ancestors they had to build their own schools. The welcoming party was getting burned out by the Nipmucs.


But there was open land, land that today is occupied. My later arriving ancestors worked in factories which are now closed due to outsourcing. I do not think you have to be a genius to figure out that shipping out jobs and importing people is a recipe for economic disaster


I do not want to turn the United States into a garrison country. There will always be some people moving for a variety of reasons. It is the mass movement of people that can cause problems. Americans should help people in other countries form independent unions, thus bringing up their wages to somewhere near our level. That will solve the problem.


We also need to stop aiding dictatorships who keep down wages, thus generating mass immigration. In effect working class youths are being used to keep down American wages.



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