The Hispanic Voters

My openents are reaching out to Hispanic Voters. It is easy for me, all I have to do is go to the houses next to mine. For better or worse, the Spanish writing on this site is mine. I learned in High School, and working in a tobacco field, not in Harvard on my parents money. The intended readers are mainly voters who come from Puerto Rico, and to some extent the American South West, who are citizens of the United States.

I do not have a platform only for Hispanics. I an a candidate for United States Senator, not the Senate of the World. My philosophy on Language is that every one should learn at least one second language.

I will not vote to export the job of any American , Hispanic or other, outside of the United States as my opponent has.

I will note vote to abolish the rights of any American,

Vote Libertarian

Vote Underwood



Robert Underwood

Libertarian Candidate for United States Senate