Free Trade


So called Free Trade Agreements which the incumbent Republicrat has supported have been a national disaster. The aftermath of these agreements can be seen in the form of closed and abandoned factories in every city.


The stories about job creation are just propaganda. If anyone disputes this try and find a job. Many of the people who voted for these agreements never had to work a day in their lives and they are the beneficiaries of cheap labor. In effect if you voted for the incumbent you voted to ship your job out of the country.














Working Together to Export Our Jobs







The partners in this “Free Trade” Are often dictatorships where people earn very little money.

In some cases commissions are part of the agreement which could over ride the laws of member countries, in effect a dictator can over ride our vote 












              With Friends like this, who needs enemies      








Senator Kennedy, along with Republicans, voted for the North America Free Trade Agreement, supported by Presidents Clinton ( Deomocrat) and Bush ( Republican )










American People have Few Organizations








The average American cannot depend on the Democratic Party, the Republican Party, nor even his Union to take a firm stand against exporting American jobs overseas to slave labor countries.  






Libertarian Solutions of Robert Underwood











                                    Certainly we need some foreign trade. There are some things that we cannot grow nor produce ourselves. But we need to conduct such trade in an equitable manner.


I would vote against using Troops or other resources to prop up dictatorships that are keeping their own people down and preventing them from forming independent unions, which would help raise their wages.

I would not use the army to help dictatorships.


I would not support treaties which weaken United States Sovereignty and give other countries authority over our internal affairs.


In many cases foreigners have been educated at the expense of Americans in the form of contributions , both private and public. These contributions were made for the purpose of helping people to get doctors, hospitals, scientists, etc., not to provide cheap labor for International corporations.


NAFTA had been supported by both major parties. A vote for the major parties is a vote to ship out your job. There is only one person running for the Senate that can be trusted to take a stand against NAFTA, Robert Underwood.


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