Why Democrats Should Vote Libertarian


As a former Democrat I can say that the Democrats of today are nothing like Franklin Delano Roosevelt.


FDR inherited a terrible economic environment. The modern day Democrats have joined with the Republicans to create an economic crisis in the form of free trade agreements.


When FDR was president Japan, an industrialized country was able to attack Pearl Harbor. Under the present Democratic and Republican Leadership people just out of the stone age were able to steal 4 planes, wreck major buildings, and kill 3000 people within the United States.


The Democrats have joined with the Republicans in the de-industrialization of the United States. Look at the closed factories and vacant lots.




Democratic Politicians are not the Same Anymore






Roosevelt’s good neighbor policy has ended. Since he died Democrats, have supported the invasion of many countries that have done nothing to us, Dominican Republic, Indochina, etc.
















The Democratic New Deal Has Turned Into the Raw Deal












Year ago the Democrats of Today would have been Republicans. The only thing that the Democrats of today have done is to ship out jobs. There will be no “Great Society” without people working to maintain it 

Americans need to be learning new technology and working at things other than flipping cheeseburgers for foreign investors.                      

















Robert Underwood


Brand X

Wants Full Employment

Wants to strengthen Individual Liberties, including the right of self defense against criminals

Trusts the citizenry to have the means to defend themselves

Lives in the same neighborhood that you do

Would support impeachment of presidents who age undeclared wars

Would get us off oil dependency


Voted to export jobs

Believes that only the army and police should have guns, he does not trust you with a gun, only his hired body guards

He has supported undeclared wars, while he did not take a stand and vote to declare a war






Libertarian Solutions of Robert Underwood











                                     Franklin Delano Roosevelt is my favorite President. His solutions to problems were not perfect. But neither is a mass migration of poor people starving and without jobs. I am no so sure that he ever intended his programs to be anything but a temporary solution to help people while long term solutions were implemented.


He faced a great economic crisis, and then a foreign policy crisis. According to General Butler he also faced a crisis at home from people who wanted to maintain a terrible status quo. But he did try to solve the crisis. He did not just watch jobs fly away and homes get foreclosed, and neither will I.





Vote Libertarian

Vote Underwood



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