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Robert Underwood
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Terrorism - The problem
The federal government refuses to protect our borders and our state government will not  even complain about it
Incumbent state representative in the Ninth Hamden District has remained silent
Illegal aliens enter the United States as well  as Massachusetts.  The ruling parties like this because it helps to depress wages.  Under our laws they become minorities with preferential treatment in hiring, housing etc.

The most famous illegal alien is President Obama’s uncle.  Despite being in the USA illegally and stopped for driving under the influence of alcohol , he is still in the USA.

The terrorists on 911 as well as the Boston Marathon bombings where here legally. The federal government refused to keep them out. So, states such as Massachusetts have little choice but to defend themselves  with Democrats and republicans in charge who refuse to do their jobs.
The Response of Massachusetts State Government to terrorism  has been poor
New guns, lock down the Quabbin Reservoir
After the 911 attacks on New York,  much of the Quabbin reservoir was closed to visitors.  People who had hiked  the reservoir for years  and would have helped to watch over it are now perceived as a threat.  In some cases it is being guarded by  people from urban areas  who are not comfortable in the woods.  They simply drive their cars on the roads

The State Police bought new submachine guns.   They never explained how a submachine gun can find the terrorist.  It will not, but it is a tool that they all know how to use.  The submachine guns did nothing to prevent the Boston Marathon bombing.  

Our intellectually challenged legislature  never questioned it. The money is in the casinos, so that is where their attention is focused.  
Massachusetts State Government trains dogs to find marijuana, legislature remains silent
Not much is done to search for explosives though dogs can be trained and  mechanical devices are available
Results: Boston Marathon bombed
While the performance of the first responders  in aiding the victims was superb, the police work  in prevention and apprehension was terrible.

Once again the lock down method was used.  An MIT policeman was  killed. He did not find the terrorists as much as the terrorists found him.  The surviving member of the shoot out was able to make to Watertown under the lock down.  It was not until the lock down ended that a home owner  found him in a boat, which was shot up by the police yet no gun was found inside the boat.
The Response:
Massachusetts State Government trains dogs to find marijuana, legislature remains silent
Yes, that is right.  Dogs are still being trained to search for marijuana  instead of explosives, after the bombing. As the saying goes, you cannot teach an old dog new tricks.  So, once again all that some out of the so-called leadership of Massachusetts is talk of Gun Control,  the War on Drugs and a lock down every time something happens. One would think at least  one member of the legislature would have something to say, but
Robert Underwood
First of all I would complain and publicly shame our Congressional Delegation and the President for refusing to  protect our borders while American working class lives are being thrown away  defending middle east oil.  

Since the Republicrats at the federal level will continue to refuse to  protect Americans  we have no choice but to do what we can at the state level.  

We can shift the emphasis from drugs to terrorism.  Dogs are unobtrusive.  In he case of a backpack  we would immediately have a suspect matching the bomb.  

Once again at the Marathon bombing  average Americans , in some cases at risk to themselves, went to the aid of  others.  Official who institute illegal “lock downs”  should at least fired. If they enforced them at gun point they should go to jail.  The Boston lock down helped the terrorists.  Imagine, your photo is on cell phones, etc, ect. Etc.  Everyone is on the lookout taking your photo and reporting your position, expect the geniuses in the state government kept them all indoors.  

I am totally against disarming the citizens of Massachusetts.  We have the right to defend ourselves,  others, and our homes against criminals, and that includes terrorists.

Quabin  reservoir should be made open as it was before 911.  No one is more capable of watching it than the people who use it.  They can be given a seminar as to what to watch for  to prevent sabotage  of the  reservoir.  Most of  them will have cell phones and they will really watch the reservoir, not just ride along the road and trip and fall in the woods.  

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