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( Democrats and Republicans)

Evading blame
Democrats and Republicans ( Republicrats) support their party platform. Then they evade responsibility for it.  What ever is spend on war, waste, and foreign aid to protect run away industry is  less money that can be spent on highway repairs, schools and other  domestic spending.  It could also go into reducing sales taxes, property taxes, and various fees, such as driver’s licenses.

Yet while state and local democrats may  use lack of money as an excuse for failure to perform state and municipal services they will support  their national party buddies who have taken our tax money and spent it foolishly.
National Politicians
bow to big business

The major parties, working for big business, have  eroded  the wages of working people through NAFTA,  outsourcing, unfettered immigration , and imports from cheap labor countries. Massive layoffs have resulted from their policies which have depressed labor.

Despite their anti-labor record they enjoy the unquestioning loyalty of organized labor. Democrats might say they want a few  increased in the safety net, such as welfare and Social Security,  but the support the Republican policy of creating  a depressed labor market  through unemployment.  Organized labor  is unquestionably bowing down the the incumbents who have  double crossed working America.  

State politicians use lack of revenue as an excuse  for failure.   Their colleagues at the national level have reduced the numbers of people  paying the income tax because they supported policies that create unemployment. But they never criticize their national colleagues.  Advancement in the national party is sought by unquestioning loyalty to national politicians, who are in turn working for large donors to their campaigns

They then look for ways to tax the unemployed  to raise revenue  through increases in  sales and excise taxes.

Municipal  Politicians
bow to big business
national politicians
State politicians

Local politicians seek favor with national and state politicians as well as big business.

Most of the state politicians in the past have promised  property tax relief. They never delivered on this item because  the national politicians have created such massive unemployment that  fewer people are paying the income tax.  

The local politicians  also want advancement in their party.  So  in the face of massive unemployment  in their cities they  do not complain, they just parrot the excuses  of their national party.  They never  blame their own party for the massive number of foreclosures or failing schools.

The municipal politicians simply tax the unemployed through property taxes  and increased users fees ( trash etc. )

Solution of Robert Underwood

I am tired of those who  say to not “finger “ point, yet offer no solution.  If you supported creating the problem,  the finger should be pointed at you for removal from office.  So many Democrats and Republicans supported NAFTA, massive outsourcing and importation for cheap labor countries that  there are  many  incumbents to point fingers toward.

The reality is that there is not much a state representative can do about NAFTA, outsourcing, and imports, except point the fingers at those who did it. And my opposition the incumbent has failed at even doing that much.

What are we offered?   A paltry minimum wage job  in  a fast food joint and a casino.  In the meantime  the unemployed victims of those policies continue to pay exorbitant  sales, property, and excise taxes, as well as various fees.

I am for reducing taxes which  affect the unemployed, which means most sales taxes, property taxes, and fees. I see no reason to add to a working person’s hard times.

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