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When ever the Republicrat legislature gets together life becomes more difficult for someone somewhere.   They cater to small lobbying groups that are not widely known to the public.  

For instance, a lobby against carrying guns near a school screamed for yet more laws.  Our incompetent Republicrats did what they asked.   Several schools were within 500 feet of a state road. Every pheasant hunter driving to the state forest unwittingly violated this law.

The solution to people running red lights is to make it more difficult to take complete driver’s education classes.   But wait, is a deliberate act to break the law the result of poor driver education?   The Republicrats never explained that, they did not have to.   They made some reelection deals with their masters, had a few photo shoots with Kerry and Kennedy, and some family in a rural town just put up with the hardship of   not being able to have their kids drive themselves to various activities, after paying a lot of money in taxes.

Then another complication arose whereby teenagers could not drive their siblings to an event even with their parents permission.   The response of the Republicrat lower bell curve gang in the legislature was to ignore the problem.   They had their day in the spotlight, and they were done with the issue.

The Republicrat solution to crime is to make it harder to get a gun permit. But wait, do criminals get gun permits?   How do more fees stop crime? Republicrats never address this issue. The make a few emotional responses to appeal to the ignorant. Nor do they explain why their incompetent acts fail to stop crime.

I would not grandstand.  We already have enough laws.  I would concentrate on making things work.   We need to abolish the state’s drug laws. That will free up the labor for real crimes like murder and kidnaping. Despite what they say they obviously are unable to handle the present load. We need to stop the downright stupid practice of making laws that affect everyone one but the law breaker.   

If anything I would be a loud voce attempting to stop the above mentioned acts of idiocy.  And I have just touched a small fraction of low end bell curve intellect that pervades in the legislature.  They only thing they do with any great efficiency is to  take our money.


The main activity of the legislature is that of grandstanding, putting on a show and getting us to think that they have accomplished something.  Every act on earth needs to be reacted to by passing more legislation.   The actors in the legislature should be nominated for acting awards.  

While the Republicrats make speeches about crime, evidence has waited up to a year to be analyzed at the state crime lab.  Local police finger print labs have also been called into question.   Republicrats just passed more laws and more evidence will be mishandled.  
In many cases single or isolated incidents have been used to justify the passage of a law.  

The Republicrat response to crime is to hire more police. They never talk about what happens after the arrest.  That is because their incompetent Republicrat friends in the court houses take it from there, and quite understandably they do not want to talk about their incompetent response to crime, which is to pass more laws which broaden the definition of a crime.
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The Underwood Response:
Lawyers lobby
Police Lobby
Mothers Against  Drunk Driving
Contributors to campaign
Unions and financial companies
Major parties be all things to all people
Voters think they are choosing between two parties
Duopoly works to take tax money

The  latest  grandstanding is  joint effort by  the Republican Governor and  Democrats in the legislature.  The governor wants to increase the penalties for assaulting a policeman.  Not to be outdone the Democratic dunces want to treat an assault on a policeman as a hate crime.

We already have laws against assault.   The  proposals were made after the murder of a policeman by a person  with an extensive criminal history who should not ave been loose on the streets in the first place.   While he just victimized ordinary citizens they were content to manage a revolving door system of justice  which allows dangerous repeat offenders  to commit more crimes

Laws made by Republicrats  do not keep us safe because they refuse to make anything work.

The problem was not the laws. The problem was the refusal of the Democrats and Republicans to effectively enforce the laws.