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Robert Underwood For State  Representative
Ninth Hampden District   
Robert Underwood
83 Cherrelyn St.
Springfield, MA 01104
Large investors build factories in cheap labor countries to  avoid paying United States level wages
The results have been a movement of jobs  to other countries,  the massive closing of factories and a rise in unemployment
The results are:
Foreclosures because people cannot pay their mortgages
Fewer people attending college
How did it Happen?
Democrats and Republicans  (Republicrats ) alike from the bottom of the parties to the top   double crossed the American  Worker and passed laws an supported candidates which cause jobs to be exported from the United States.

Local  and state politicians went along with it to curry favor from the national politicians.  Even leaders of organized labor went along with it.
What will  the ultimate results of this be?
The outflow of jobs  and the influx of people will cause a drastic drop in wages as the labor supply outstrips the demand.   The drop in wages will  result in  poverty comparable to that found in the third world.

We are seeing the results in many forms.  Loss hockey for instance, shortened hours at museums ,, and  other events as people lack the money to support them
The Democrat and Republican Policy:
Then and Now:
Get the peasants out and tear down their houses. After losing your job and your house,  the Republicats   will decide that you are bring down the neighborhood and tear down what was once your house.  If they are lucky, a tornado will hit it and give them another reason to confiscate the house.
How can it be fixed?
Start with this district and give the  politicians who enabled the exportation of  job  the boot.  Make a clean sweep of anyone who ever had anything to do with supporting  so-called free trade.

That means any Democrat or Republican no matter how big or how small, if he supported a politician in favor of
NAFTA or free trade, it is his fault

I, Robert Underwood,  will support legislation that sends American kids to college, and puts Americans to work  building their own products.

Robert Underwood
State Representative
The Results of  Free Trade
Free Trade has had a devastating effect on our economy, and on working people throughout Massachusetts as well as the United