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Robert Underwood
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Robert Underwood
Propose Instant Ranked Voting
Propose lowering the signature requirements to get a candidates name on the ballot

How many time have you not liked the candidate for whom you voted? You voted for him because the other was even worse.  There may have been another candidate that you liked more, but he would  have lost.   Instant Ranked Voting solves this problem.  It is sometimes referred to as “Instant Runoff Voting.”   Under this system you would rank the candidates 1,2,3 etc.  If you number one choice does not win,  your votes are redistributed.

To read more about Instant Ranked Voting read:

We have another problem.   Too many signatures are required to get a candidates name on the ballot. The low is  150  for State Representative and 10,000 for United States Senate.

I would start the number of signatures at 20 for State Representative and 500 for United States Senate.  This would give a bigger choice to the average voter and not the  machines of the major parties.


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