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Robert Underwood For State  Representative
Ninth Hampden District   
Robert Underwood
83 Cherrelyn St.
Springfield, MA 01104
Robert Underwood

Fees and Taxes

I am against raising fees and taxes that hurt the poor.  I am for lowering the licence and registration fees.  

My opponent has a history of proposing fees, such as the proposal to require a license to rent an apartment.  As a member of the legislature he would be more dangerous.  Since the Democrats destroyed the economy  the legislature will be looking for more money

Fees and Taxes

I want to open Massachusetts.  People need to work. Our young people need to go to school or they will not qualify for good jobs.  We should not be dependent on foreign countries.

The statistics are being manipulated to create an atmosphere of panic. The reality is that the death rate is lower. And most who died had multiple complications.

My opponent wants a population dependent on public assistance.  He is a follower of the policy of panic on the part of the Democrats and Governor Baker

Emergency Laws

Presently Massachusetts is under a dictatorship where one man,  Governor Baker, can decide that your business or your employer  is not necessary and must shut down. I want to abolish the laws that gave him that power.  The legislature should be involved in deciding  what is  an emergency.

My opponent never complains about our dictatorship.   The goal is  to shut down the economy of Massachusetts and to shift the blame to President Trump. This   done at the expense of the working people of Massachusetts

Police Reform

Presently it is impossible to fire a bad  cop.  If they are fired they are reinstated by the arbitrator. The collective bargaining agreement specifies and arbitration process.  I would propose laws to abolish the arbitration clause and abolish Civil Service.

My opponent , along with the rest of the City Council, Voted  to approve the police contract, which includes an arbitration clause.  He voted for the cause of the problems that he is complaining about


I would cooperate with the federal government in enfrorcing immigration laws.  I am very concerned about local American young people graduating  from high school every May and need a good job.   Job training is good, but the job needs to be here.  

My opponent favors out of control immigration. He also supports the policy of the Democratic Party,  the exportation of jobs from the United States.  


Robert Underwood



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