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Robert Underwood For State  Representative
Ninth Hampden District   
Robert Underwood
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Robert Underwood


Unfortunately the legislature is part of the crime problem, not a solution.  Some people are being treated like criminals simply for defending themselves or their property. The laws  passed by the legislature have created security for the criminal, and not for the peaceful citizen.  

It is totally stupid to control firearms among the law biding citizens while  police, district attorneys, judges, and the legislature create a secure world for the criminal.

Do Buildings and Stores Commit Crime?

It is a frequently repeated story. Criminals congregate in a store as they are accustomed to acting with impunity.  Then there are meetings where the owner of the store is blamed for the criminal acts of those congregating. But if he did anything  to them, he would be arrested. Then the police departments says that the business is an attraction for crime.  But they never mention how many arrests they make over the supposed crime

And what happens to those whose job it was to enforce the law but only complain about the person trying to run his  lawful business and did not arrest the criminals? Nothing.

I would propose legislation to make it easier to remove people from   their jobs in law enforcement if they are not protecting law biding people. That includes police, district attorneys, and judges.

I would also propose laws which would re-enforce the right of self defense, which is under constant attack by the Democrats and Republicans

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State Representative

Ninth Hampden District

Do Bump Stocks Commit Crime?

Hours after the Las Vegas shooting we knew nothing about the perpetrator, by my opponents were sure that outlawing bump stocks would stop crime, despite the fact that in  400 years of Massachusetts history, there is not a murder committed  with a bump stock.  They do not wish to do anything that would actually stop crime.