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Robert Underwood For State  Representative
Ninth Hampden District   
Robert Underwood
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Robert Underwood
Repeal the Civil Service laws. Too often the Civil Service Commission re-instates people  who have done terrible things.

Limit the  topics covered in a collective bargaining agreement. to matters the only effect the employees and not the public.  So, If a public employee uses force unnecessarily or decides to not arrest someone who is clearly committing a crime, it would not a topic covered by the collective bargaining agreement.

Civil Service System - Police

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State Representative

Ninth Hampden District

We have  seen it  on several occasions.  A Civil Servant either through action or inaction does something serious that  violates a citizens rights and seriously  hurts people.

At the municipal level  between Civil Service laws and sweat heart collective bargaining agreements  the person may be fired by the municipality or the state, only to be reinstated with back pay. Had he been working in the private sector where  laws of contract apply, he would not have been re-instated.

In some cities the city “negotiated” with the police union to install cameras in police cars.  If you work for a trucking company and the company wants cameras on the trucks, cameras are installed on the trucks.But not so when the citizens in theory own the truck.

Who owns this car?

Sometimes employees  are not even required to have common sense and can be re-instated with the excuse that they were not trained.  No employee can be fired for not being smart enough to do a job, which can happen in the private sector.