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Robert Underwood For State  Representative
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Robert Underwood
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Gun Control
Massachusetts already has  some of the strictest gun control laws in the country.  We also have some of the strictest laws against people defending themselves.    The gun control lobby still wants more laws.  They would have us believe that if you give law biding citizens a gun they will turn into mass killers.   They really want the population of the country disarmed. But they know that  they will lose their audience if they say that.

The gun control lobby lies.  In the wake of the Sandy Hook School shooting they said they just wanted to address large capacity rifles, but within a day control on guns and law biding citizens were  proposed.

The Massachusetts Republican and Democratic parties  were quick to get publicity from the murder of school children.  Within days they were on the air with yet more useless proposals.  Of course one was liability insurance.    The insurance companies are  great contributors to their campaigns.
The  results of Gun Control
The strategy has been to harass and tax people who have not committed a crime.  It is a surprise that we still have crime?    The legislature likes  patronage appointments in the courts,  Police, Sherfff’s Departments and the probation Department.  By passing laws preventing people from defending themselves they  take our money so that no one will attack us. Even if the police come, you may be dead by the time they arrive.  If your are taken hostage there is also the chance you will be killed by the police
The same people who want gun control also designed the lenient sentencing of criminals  and the revolving door systems of  justice
The typical inner city murderer kills for stupid reasons.  The mass shooters  have come from the ranks of the financially well off and kill for no apparent reason.  They can go psychiatrist shopping, avoiding mental  health professionals  who would recommend commitment or confinement.  If their children develop a history of mental illness, they can well afford to simply move to another state and start a clean slate. So they have at least 51 chances to start over.   The gun control lobby has avoided this issue because troubled families are well represented in the gun control lobby.  The rich do not want sonny boy confined, they would rather that the rest of us lived by asylum style rules.
The same people who want gun control shut down the Mental Health Department in Massachusetts
The  present gun control lobby was not the first to want citizen disarmament
Robert Underwood
The revolving door system of justice must be stopped. We have too many repeat offenders continually victimizing the populace.  

The right of self defense in Massachusetts must be restored. People have a right to defend themselves, even if the government does not want to work that day.  I would provide punishment for any official who interferes with that right, including loss of position and imprisonment. I am sick and tired of people being arrested for defending themselves.

I would also vote for legislation which would prohibit criminals from suing people who defend themselves.  We had a case where an armed robber sued a package store operator that he had intended to rob. He won!! And then committed more armed robberies.

I would abolish the present firearms permit system. If you are not mentally ill, not convicted of a crime, and are physically capable of handing the gun, you would get a permit.  This will  result in fewer assaults because the assailant will  not know who has a  gun.

I would vote to rebuild the mental  health system.   This has been made more expensive because the best land has already been sold off to real estate developers.  But we need  a place to put the dangerously mentally ill.  

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