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Standing for the Average American
Robert Underwood For State  Representative
Ninth Hampden District   
Robert Underwood
83 Cherrelyn St.
Springfield, MA 01104
How it Begins
The average worker applies for  a mortgage.  At the time the mortgage is affordable because he has a job.  In some cases people bet  on inflation,   they thought that as wages and prices increased the mortgage would become easier to pay. There was never an intent to buy what they could not afford, nor to default oni the mortgage.
Some people are members of multiple boards of directors.  After signing the  commitment to pay a monthly payment,  corporations  moved the jobs of  people to cheap labor countries. The person who purchased the house now has no way  to pay the mortgage.   While the Democrats and Republicans claim to have solutions, the real problem is the one they created, various free trade agreements which left so many people unemployed and unable to make their payments.
The problem
As the present situation continues we are headed to what I call Neo-Fuedalism, where   a few banks will end up owning all of the property as they foreclose on mortgages.  Eventually the average American will never be able to own his own home.
The Solution of Robert Underwood
I would propose legislation whereby  there would be a moratorium on mortgage payments  when:

The  unemployment rate is over 3% and a person loses his job.

When there are 200 applications filed for foreclosure and  a person loses his job

This legislation would enable the  statement that the bankers make “We are all in this together” to be true.
Another Problem
Banks and  mortgage companies  have  tried to evict people because they kept sloppy records and wrongfully claimed  that people owed them money.  Typically  they were treated very leniently  by the Democrates and Republicans despite the  terrible trauma  that they  inflict on their victims

The other problem is that any fines imposed  are then built into the prices and ultimately the customer pays while the executives who engineers this travesty continue to get bonuses
The solution of
Robert Underwood
I would propose legislation whereby if a company  falsely or  in reckless negligence  claims to have a mortgage on property:

Executives and managers go to jail for 5 years for each offense to be served consecutively

Executives and managers  get no more than their  average salary for the past 5 years

Dividends shall not be paid to stock holders for the next  5 years
Vote your Liberty
Robert Underwood
State Representative