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Charter Schools

Getting the type of school that you thinks is best for your child should not depend on where you live or how much money you have.  

Many parents have chosen to send their children to charter  schools.  The public  schools often times to not suit the needs of  some children. The public schools struggle to be combination  school, reform school, and hospital.  The parent of an average student who wants a traditional education is competing with  various lobbying groups , often times unsuccessfully.

The solution is the charter school.  But there are limits on the numbers of charter schools and how many students they can take.

The argument was that it would take money away from the public schools. Who’s money is it?  A parent should be able to get a school which is good for his child and not be at the mercy of local school committees representing special interest groups.

Robert Underwood
I would lift the cap on charter schools.   All it does is deprive people of choice.  

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