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Robert Underwood For State  Representative
Ninth Hampden District   
Robert Underwood
83 Cherrelyn St.
Springfield, MA 01104

Why Vote Libertarian?

Local Politicians deny that they are to blame for the acts of their fellow party members in the state and federal government . In reality they work together.

In reality the various levels of party politicians work together. You never hear a local member of a party criticizing his fellow party members  in state and federal government.  They never say that they are against exporting jobs from the USA nor  against foreign wars to protect international corporations. They know  it will cost money and the lives of our children.

The solution is the chop  the lower end off the tree

The state legislators support the federal  politicians. They  make restrictive elections laws to keep themselves in power. They also  draw the districts for the legislature and Congress.

In reality those who are wearing a smile then support the exportation of jobs  from the USA and waste the lives of our children in foreign wars.

Chop the tree down!

Vote for

Robert Underwood

Vote Your Liberty
Vote Underwood
State Representative
Ninth Hampden District