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Robert Underwood For State  Representative
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Robert Underwood
83 Cherrelyn St.
Springfield, MA 01104
A Tornado hit Springfield on June 1, 2011
First responders, police and fire  departments  did a good job.  Should more than 3000 national guard have been called up in Massachusetts to cope with the Tornado?  I think had we been a foreign country we would have gotten more  of a response.
After the Tornado
The insurance  companies  in general did not live up to the immediate response  that their advertising  says the customer will get.   People were complaining of red tape.  And while some of them were still coping with the insurance  process the city took them to court  to issue  orders to  rebuild or demolish, with still fines while they were in non-compliance. As of September most of the wrecked houses had not been  rebuilt. Roofs had not been repaired and the rain was causing additional damage.

For many, they had lost their jobs because the Democrats supported sending their job to China. Now they lost their house to the tornado. While they were pressured to comply with their agreements to to banks and the city, no one was being pressured to comply with paying them. The additional delays  and court fees  could drive them under.  
Solutions of Robert Underwood
Had I held  public office I would not be standing still  while Insurance companies and  state agencies allowed the  delaying tactics that are preventing people from repairing their  homes.   Who is causing the delay?  “The insurance company.”   The insurance company has executives and managers.
They need  to he held accountable.  We need  laws where  they can he help criminally liable  for refusing to pay claims where  are obviously justified.    The punishment should be hard labor clearing up the debris and repairing the buildings.  

We  will  never get that from the legislature we have now.  If this   happened we would see the  paperwork fly through their office in an  hours and workmen working the next day.

We also need laws that prohibit municipalities  from passing laws that get in the way of helping people cope with a disaster.   Local ordinances  that  may serve  constructive purpose in normal times which address run down property are out of place and counter productive during a disaster  
Robert Underwood
State Representative

The Tornado

The financial industry contributes to both Democrat and Republican Candidates.

People buy hazard insurance on their home with the expectation that if a  disaster happens the insurance carrier will help to rebuild