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DSS - Department of Social Service
Legislature  appropriates funds for DSS.
It allows DSS to Circumvent the Courts
The Governor, while stating concerned about illegal aliens  being separated from their children in immigration raids  funds  DSS to seize children from their parents without  showing cause in a court of law
Money about $465 million
Social Workers can  seize children from their families
The parents may not know who made the decision, nor where the children are.
Children are usually seized on  a Friday afternoon or a holiday  week end.
That gives  the DSS people time to get the child to incriminate the parent before the courts open
DSS is allowed to break the laws and not appear in court within the time allowed
The Commissioner of Human services  continues  to keep his job with the support of Republicrats in the the legislature and the governor
DSS has a system of  Anonymous phone calls.  DSS acts  on phone calls, from criminals as accused criminals.  They  never divulge who calls them, nor do they divulge the accuracy  of the call, nor the character of those making the call.  
Gangsters use the anonymous call system to  threaten potential witnesses against them. Witnesses  and victims may have their children taken from them by DSS in obedience to  calls from a criminal.
DSS shows up under police guard and takes the kids away to destinations unknown
Lawyers and consultants are paid  to represent the children and  the parents. While there are some attorneys who do a good job, many just bill the state  merely for repeating the charges of the social worker, who may be responding to  a phone call from criminals
Foster homes are also paid about $800 per child.   Since all information is confidential “for the children”  It is never known if there is are relationship between the caller and the foster parent
Who is watching DSS?
The legislature just ignores the violations of human rights committed by DSS. They  ignore the possible misuse of the circumventing of the courts and  the possibility of  its being used  to harm innocent people

While the governor  is concerned about rights for  illegal aliens, through the Commissioner Angelo McCain, he violates the rights of  citizens of the United States.  

The general public sees DSS as a benevolent institution which helps neglected children. There has never been  an independent evaluation as to whether all  those children really needed to be removed from their home.

Everything is kept so confidential that little information about wrong doing gets out.  The number of actual people it “serves” is exaggerated by skilful statistic building  on  the part of DSS.   People may have cases closed after a few months only to have them reopened weeks later. So one person could be the cause of 3 or more cases in a year.

While the juvenile courts may response to pressure, they are generally tolerant of abuses by DSS. For instance,  I have yet to read of a  DSS worker going to jail for taking a  child away and not asking the court for a hearing in the time required.  

No judge has ever questioned why so many child seizures are done  on a Friday afternoon.  They would just as soon be  ignorant of the problem so they do not have to help solve it.

No judge ever questions  why there was such a big emergency that warranted gestapo like raids to seize children.  

The failure of the courts to reign in DSS has been at best disappointing.

The Solution:
DSS is beyond hope of reform. It should be abolished.   Some foster homes will still be needed.  Some emergency  care for children  will still be needed. The  the agency in charge o f those facilities  should not be allowed to  circumvent the courts.  
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